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that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:9-10

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Field Trip!

During our Tuesday morning time at Purpose Driven Academy, Margaret Wanyonyi (the school’s director) invited us to accompany the secondary school students on their field trip to Lake Bogoria.  Excitedly we agreed! All of us were looking forward to bonding with these high school students.  Originally we were scheduled to be picked up at our compound at 4 a.m., but the night before Margaret stopped by our compound to let us know that the departure time had been moved to 2—yikes!

We were ready to go bright and early (actually it was really dark and reallyyy early) and of course since we’re in Africa our 2 a.m. pickup arrived just before 3.  We knew we were in for an experience when we loaded into an overcrowded van of very awake high schoolers!  I’m sure many of you have had the privilege of riding on the roads of Africa.  It’s almost like a game—a game in which you swerve constantly to avoid the gaping potholes in the road thus allowing the car to travel only over the slightly smaller (yet still very large) potholes.  If you have a tender stomach, this adventure is not for you.  (Jade suggests that this adventure is actually not for anyone) Lake Bogoria is located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley and is actually in Karo Valley—a valley inside the Great Rift Valley.  This area is beautiful! Even though it’s very dry there, the hilly, tree covered terrain was lovely. 

sunrise drive 

venturing further into the valley

After 8 hours, a bathroom break, and a stop for tea in Kabarate we arrived at Lake Bogoria. I was surprised to see flamingos everywhere—thousands upon thousands!  Some of the students had purchased eggs when we stopped for breakfast in order to boil them in the hot spring.  After boiling the eggs and a small ecology lesson (which only took about 30 minutes) we were back in the cars headed home. 

lake bogoria


the boiling process!

queenta and her eggs!

steven enjoying a late morning snack!

On the way we stopped by another lake (Lake Baringo) where the students were able to go out on oversized and motorized canoes.  This was such a special treat for all of them! It was amazing to see the joy and excitement in their faces as they piled into these boats.  The Americans were planning to wait on shore for the students to return, but at the last minute a boat driver said there was empty space on his boat, which we had already paid to use, so we hopped on board! Such a great decision—we got to see alligators and HIPPOS!

boating time!


After a long, hot and very fun day we loaded back into the vans to head home—stopping along the way at several view points to admire the Great Rift Valley and then in El Doret for dinner.  It was a great day of bonding with the high schoolers of Purpose Driven Academy! Honestly, how could you not bond with each other when you have 19 people filling a 14 seater van??  I wish I could justly describe this experience, but sometimes you just have to be there to truly understand.  Certainly an unforgettable life long memory for all of us! 

sweet brilliant :)


  1. Who knew all the flamingos were hanging out in the bottom of the Great Rift Valley? That is just wild! And hippos? I have only seen those at the ZOO! I am thrilled that you are having all of these amazing and unforgettable experiences. Hope your brain doesn't fill up and have to kick others out (like Oktoberfest or Spain winning the World Cup) to make room for more. Glad to see your sunglasses are surviving your travels, too! Love you!!

  2. Exactly how hot is the water that you can boil and egg and not cook a flamigo? The mysteries of Africa. We love reading about your experiences.