This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not
that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:9-10

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Follow the journey of an American college student living life in extreme poverty

Through some friends, I found out about a guy named Brett who has taken on the challenge of living in extreme poverty for 30 days. He will be spending 15 days homeless on the streets of Seattle and 15 days in a village in Ghana.

I loved reading through all his posts yesterday and sharing them with my mom today. I recommend following his journey. I guarantee it will be an eye-opening experiencing for all of us.

To follow along check out his blog at:

Please pray for Brett's journey as he steps into shoes of people living in extreme poverty. May God's light shine in and through him!

Here's what Brett has to say:

"Recently, my thoughts, actions, and heart have been really focused on the fact that 1.1 billion people live on $1.25 a day.  It is a problem that I believe a lot of people are aware of, but don't really understand, myself included.  I understand the statistic and the implications it probably has, but often times wonder if I really understand what it is these people go through?  I go back to the old saying that "you can't really understand what a person is going through, until you spend a day walking in his shoes."  I believe this to be true in the area of starvation, struggles and poverty as well which is why, starting this week, I will make an all out attempt to live below the lowest line of poverty that this world has ever known.  I want to better understand just what it is that these people around the world go through, so that I can better relate to them, and try to help them.

We will be filming the experience with the hope of allowing others to also walk in the shoes of those less fortunate.  Through film, we will attempt to bring people the opportunity to live in the world's most extreme poverty.

The first two weeks I will live homeless in downtown Seattle, WA, and the second two weeks we will head over to Ghana, Africa, one of the poorest nations on earth and I will live with a family in Yendi, who actually lives below the line of extreme poverty.

As I set off on this journey Tuesday, I hope that you will live the story with me.  My the film artist who will be documenting my experience during the 30 days will post blog and video updates from me each day.  Thanks for joining me on this adventure, I can't wait to see the story that God is about to tell."

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